me all her doubts were someone else's point of view

college student: biology major. 21. Connecticut, USA.

here there is: bands (mostly rock and roll- black veil brides, my chemical romance, avenged sevenfold, foo fighters, panic! at the disco, U2, guns n roses, coldplay, metallica, green day, empires, taylor swift, etc), avengers, supernatural, doctor who, the office, daily show, colbert report, the west wing, harry potter, lord of the rings, firefly, merlin. also movies, politics, funny stuff, science, pretty things, whatever the fuck I want. little to no personal stuff.

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Dorian Gray: Sex & Kissing

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Ben Barnes in Dorian Gray

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Oh God YES

this is the best photoset ever

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Sweet Jesus! God is good.

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to quote me: “holy fuck”

to quote me: “holy fuck”

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Thor and Captain America

best post

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Chris Evans in What’s Your Number?(2011)

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holy motherfucking fuck

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